Tri-Coasta: What age did you start training in martial arts?

Hellboy: I started training BJJ at age 19.


Tri-Coasta: When did you know 100% that you wanted to be a professional fighter?

Hellboy: I wanted to become a professional MMA fighter at age 18, when I discovered "World Combat Championship” (Renzo Gracie, Erik Paulson, etc.) and UFC 3 (Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, etc.) at a videoshop in London back in 1998. I later found out they were selling world vale tudo and brazilian vale tudo VHS cassettes under the counter at the martial arts shop here in Oslo. Vale tudo, as it was called back then, was the most hated sport in Norwegian mass media alongside rollerball and russian roulette.


Tri-Coasta: Early in your career, you fought and beat 3 JMMA legends - Rumino Sato, Takanori Gomi and Caol Uno. Which victory do you treasure most?

Hellboy: Definitely the Caol Uno fight, I was so tired I could see through time.


Tri-Coasta: When your name comes up in MMA discussion, there are people who assume that your tattoos are racist in nature. For the record, can you please explain what they truly represent?

Hellboy: The tattoo on my right arm is an odal rune and it stands for spiritual heritage, honoring ancient traditions and family values, and that I`m bound to my ancestral sacred soil. The tattoo on my left arm is viking art mixed with celtic art from my bloodline through my grandmother to the Scottish clan from which she descends.

On the inside of the left arm I have the Mjøllnir(Thor's hammer). According to the "Saga of the King`s" (a history book by Snorre Sturlason, 1179 - 1241 AD), Odin walked the earth as a mortal, and he led his tribe from an area near the Black Sea and up to Scandinavia. Odin prayed to the Allfather and Thor(the thundergod), Thor was a son of the Allfather, and Odin pierced himself with a spear at his deathbench so that all who fell in battle would belong to him. Centuries went by and facts became myths - Odin mingled with the Allfather and became one and the same, that is why Thor is the son of Odin. Odin traded an eye for eternal WISDOM. Odin the one-eyed god - one eye gazing down at earth and one eye closed, gazing into the ESOTERIC.


Tri-Coasta: It's no secret that you are a fan of heavy metal and play the guitar. I know you are busy teaching your students, but do you have any plans of starting a band in the future? If so, which bands would you want to tour with?

Hellboy: I did a demo back in 2008 under the name "Adamantium Avatar", then that movie with those blue aliens came out and ruined the band name. I'm in a band now called "Blood Engine", we’re going to do a demo next month if I don't injure myself in training. What band would I tour with....Iced Earth, Overkill, GammaRay..hehe, no I guess we could warm up for Spinal Tap.


Tri-Coasta: Despite your ferocious spirit in battle, outside of fighting you are very artistic and eclectic in nature. Who are your greatest influences in the Arts?

Hellboy: I like the art of Salvador Dali, Gustave Dore and Frank Frazetta.


Tri-Coasta: You have one of the coolest nicknames in MMA. How did you come across this title?

Hellboy: After training BJJ about 2 months at the Kampen BJJ Academy, a local tournament for the students was arranged and we had to sign our names on a whiteboard -  and we were allowed to add nicknames. I was in a hurry because people were standing in line waiting to sign their names, so I had to come up with something brutal, and fast. I thought about signing "Hellhammer", but I knew that name was already taken by the drummer in Mayhem(a Norwegian black metal band). I didn't want to be a ripoff, so I just put the marker to the whiteboard and wrote Hellboy. Far away in the distance of my imagination, I could hear a thousand valkyries singing.

About a year later I walked passed a comic book shop, and on the window there was a poster of Mike Mignola`s “Hellboy” smiling down at me.


End of Part 1

Interview by @tedthechonnom


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